Welcome to my little corner of the online world.  Here you will find what I refer to as “Missives From the Mental Ward of Life.”  My nom de plume is JB Heston and I’ve been writing my entire life; it’s just part of who I am.  I’m from the West Coast, have traveled extensively and now live in on the East Coast…thousands of miles away from my roots.  I’ve been rich and poor and have worked for large corporations, small companies and as a self-employed entrepreneur.

I’ve got a very strong personality and am annoyingly opinionated. I have an ENFP personality type, also known as the “Social Philosopher” which means I feel deeply, want to help heal people and the planet and have a really “different” sense of humor and way of viewing the world. Not a lot of us around and folks pretty much either love us or hate us! The other way we’re described is “funny with a message.” Hyperactive and creative are part and parcel of the way we’re wired. This graphic fits:


I’m a Christ Follower above all…love God, life, family, art, music, creativity, fighting injustice, nature, animals, and computers. Like to create everything from websites to blogs to graphics to handcrafted wearables to sparkly things to smell good girl stuff to a peaceful, welcoming home as an escape from the maddening crowd; a small, warm refuge from the big, cold world. A home where Jesus, family, beauty, peace, love, creativity, and laughter reigns supreme.

I enjoy writing, most people, the arts, music, (yes, I’m aware music and the arts were twice listed), sunsets, flowers, water, the woods, furry, winged and amphibian critters, dark humor, sarcasm and laughing ’til I snort milk out my nose.

I’ll leave my peaceful home for jaunts which include bible studies, tromping around in nature, beach combing, attending street fairs, festivals, musical events and/or theater, traveling to some unknown locale, flying in small or large airplanes, enjoying fast or slow boats (to China or anywhere) and too many other options for adventure to mention here. In short, I like to live and enjoy this beautiful planet God placed us on!


It is my prayer that you find something here that sparks you, touches your heart, ignites passion within you, engages your mind, encourages you to get involved in causes, and finally, that you find something that leaves you glad you’ve visited (I’m glad you’re here!) Thanks for stopping by; I hope you enjoy yourself at least once or twice!

It’s a fun world, and I like to play in it.

It’s a crazy world, and I like to write about it.

It’s a fragile world, and I am passionate about protecting it.

It’s a world full of people, good and bad, and I enjoy telling their stories.

It’s a beautiful world, and I like to share its wonders.

It’s a cruel world, and I must help where I can.

And last, but not least, it’s God’s world.  I am fully aware that while this is not my
home, I’m called to wisely steward this planet, and to occupy until Jesus returns.