I Am

I am a song; sing my melody
I am a poem; read my heart
I am a dream; dream of anything
I am the dance; harmony and movement
I am fire; flaming and wild
I am a pool; deep and still
I am a stream; bubbling and fresh
I am a mountaintop; climb high and higher still
I am a valley; peaceful and verdant
I am a path; explore my meanderings
I am the earth; I nurture
I am a diamond; a multitude of facets
I am clay; solid yet shapeable
I am a crystal; sharp and reflective
I am a storm; the force of nature
I am sunshine; bask in my warmth
I am the seasons; changing yet constant
I am a flower; open and fragrant
I am a butterfly; colorful and fragile
I am a lion; regal and strong
I am a kitten; soft and playful
I am an eagle; soaring free and unafraid
I am joy; laughter and ecstasy
I am sorrow; tears and pain
I am a mystery; discover my truths
I am freedom; limitless and unfettered
I am a journey; moving forward into the unknown
I am hope; the dawn will always come
I am the morning mist; on the earth but a brief moment
I am eternity; there is no end to my being
I am love; female, one third of the equation
I am spirit; one with God, the great I Am.
I Am.

I Am © 3/23/2005 by JB Heston

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