Miracles are all around us; in everyday life we see
Effects of unfathomable supernatural forces at work
A tiny blade of grass pushes, in a most spirited way
Through concrete and survives an army of rushing feet
Demanding the right to exist even in the midst of chaos

A baby pushes through dark liquid to bright light
A miracle of caring design; from beginning to breath
First breath of life fills intricate pink containers of air
Controlled by a lump of soft, gray tissue so complex
That humankind cannot truly fathom its very workings

Look up at the miracle of a star strewn sky
Down at a tiny plant uncurling to the sun
Listen to the sound of a baby’s first cry
Miracles surround you; just open your eyes

Watch the lowly, green caterpillar transform five times
Creating its own bed for the magic sleep of metamorphosis
Emerging from slumber a creature so changed; now winged,
Brilliantly colored and purposed anew; flying free to spread
Joy and delight as it delicately sups upon exquisite flowers

Watch the flash of silver bright as the salmon fights hard
To swim against the current of a rushing, raging river
Overcoming all odds; twisting and turning past obstacles
Determined, even unto death, to return to her beginning
To lay precious eggs; now able to succumb to her own end

Look up at the miracle of silver moonlight
Down at the ants marching neatly in line
Watch the majestic eagle in full winged flight
Miracles surround you; just open your eyes

A frantic father lifts a car off his injured child; unearthly strength
Achieved for a brief flash of time; strength born of love and fear
Refuses to let go of his child’s hand as first responders come
To help, heroes who bear the burden of people wounded and torn apart
By the ravages of accidents and tragedies; by human cruelty and war

A prisoner of politics survives a hellish nightmare of daily torture
Yet holds onto his humanity; clutches hope tightly and writes of love
Refusing to hate those who have left humanity very far behind
The grace of his forgiveness takes our breath away as we witness
The miracle of the choice to love those who know nothing of love

Look inward at the miracle of the human mind
Outward at everyday acts of selfless heroism
Gaze up at the heavens and see God’s design
Miracles surround you; just open your eyes

© 12/22/2015 JB Heston






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