Lost Hope

I find no comfort for this bright agony
Surprising, the hurt that now assails me
You’ve left me once again, sad, rejected
Destroyed the hope you carefully erected

Thirty years passed, yet nothing changed
You feed on souls; still sick, still deranged
All that hope I once had, now lost again
Your life’s an illusion; what if; let’s pretend

Last time we spoke, I saw your sad truth
Saw the monster living deep inside  you
I wouldn’t give you narcissistic supply
You’ve gaslighted me for the very last time

I stood by you then, in your mire of lies
I stood alone, thinly cloaked, hollow eyes
No place was safe; my essence betrayed
Nowhere to run; sought truth, none came

Suffocated by fear; I could not breathe
Lost in your darkness; I could not see
I prepare again for the death of tomorrow
Ravaged dreams; lost hope, bitter sorrow

© 12/9/2015, JB Heston






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