There are weapons here
Words, sticks and stones
Words can break your heart
Words can steal your hope

Bad words can suck out
Pieces of your soul
Bad words can break you
Riddle you with holes

Words can wound
Words can bend
Words can hit
Words can rend

Harsh words, fast and sudden
Like a knife out of the blue
Razor sharp to inflict pain
Take you down a peg or two

Words written on faces
A look that scars and burns
Words can wound so quickly
Some people like to hurt

Words can crush
Words can steal
Words can burn
Words can heal

Words can take you places
Away from those who wound
Words can be your refuge
Like a warm, safe cocoon

You can whisper the truth
Out loud to the night
I’m not bad, God loves me
What they said isn’t right

Words can mend
Words can touch
Words can smile
Words can love

Words can get feelings
To come out from inside
Words can comfort us
No longer will we hide

We’ll use our words for good
Speaking beauty, love and truth
Because we know the promises
God gave to me and you

Words can save us
And yes, they can be
Good words we pray
God will hear and see

How much we want
How much we need
To know we’re loved
Words will set us free

© 6/18/2011 by JB Heston

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