I wrote this poem to my Grandpa Russ the last time I saw him. It was read at his funeral, an event I could not attend.

Grandpa, you’ve been there my whole life
Year after year, always calm and kind
Love and warmth in your bright blue eyes
These memories echo in my mind

The way you chuckle and slap your knee
The strong, quiet love you show your wife
These are all things that helped me see
How God is lived out in a good man’s life

I think of the lessons, large and small
The wise words said in your quiet way
By your choice to stand honest and tall
You’ve helped shape the woman I am today

You’ve given me gifts of your beautiful art
And your paintings are loved and treasured
But the best gift has been your loving heart
And an understanding of simple pleasures

The patient way you’ve shared your insight
About life and art and love and giving
Has given me knowledge of wrong and right
Your life is a lesson on the art of living

Grandpa, you’ll be with me the rest of my life
Nothing can erase wonderful memories
And I believe in the promises of Jesus Christ
I know we’ll be together again in eternity

© 7/27/1999 by JB Heston






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