Series: Examining Pedophilia & Ritual Abuse – Part 1: Pizzagate


Just like the climate change/climate engineering series I’m working on, I’ve no idea how many posts will be written in this series about pedophilia and child sexual abuse so I’m leaving the number of posts open-ended.

Trust me, climate change is much easier to write about.

I started this in December of 2018 but got so sickened that I laid it aside until after the holidays. It took a month for me to get the spiritual and emotional strength to start digging and writing about this again.

I’m going to start with a big, controversial and well covered “hoax” that isn’t a hoax…Pizzagate. Before you roll your eyes and call me a tinfoil-hat-nutjob-conspiracy-theorist, at least scroll down and quickly view the artwork that adorns the walls of famous people in gov’t, Hollywood and business…well known people who are the wealthy leaders, movers and shakers in our world. This page features only TWO artists, Biljana Djurdjevic and David Wojnarowicz.

This art slams it home to “the average person” that something is VERY wrong with people who have this art hanging on their walls.

The name “Pizzagate” came from emails found in John Podesta’s account (the artwork is found in both of the Podesta brothers’ homes) and the Pizzagate scandal grew from there to include people most Americans can’t believe are involved. Their activities sicken normal human beings; their activities evoke screams of anger and dark agony burns deep into your soul as you learn the truth.



Here is a montage of the artwork of Biljana Djurdjevic, the art the Podesta brothers find wonderful. It’s rather obvious that some of the children are dead and the child bondage needs no explanation nor does the disemboweled pregnant woman. Well, other than the red shoes and why the children are in the woods (including the dead ones) but that will be in another part of this child sex abuse blog series including what happens to tiny babies. (All the following pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.)


Some people will never believe it, no matter how much truth they’re told (due to cognitive dissonance, something that’s quite widespread in society today.) I’ll stand on the wall as a watchwoman, scream the truth, sound the trumpet and do my best to spread the truth and shatter the cognitive dissonance that allows people to stay blind to the horror and deaf to the screams of innocent children.


We were told the “Pizzagate” fiasco was all a big lie and it was debunked. We were told there was no basement in Comet Pizza (untrue, Alefantis himself talks about the basement and storing food there.) I found the graphics below recently, did some more digging and began to wonder all over again.

No, let me rephrase that…I know the truth, I’m just trying to figure out how to present it so YOUR eyes are opened.

It’s worse than “just” pedophilia, it’s worse than “mere” child trafficking…it’s worse than you really want to know about; it includes cannibalism and child murder via satanic ritual sacrifice and hunting parties. But spread the truth I must because sleeping humans can make no changes to the world and I MUST try to wake people up! MUST try to get you to join in the efforts to overcome the absolute evil that is running rampant in the world today; evil that has infected all levels of society from top to bottom.

So what did I find recently? “Important art” posted by James Achilles Alefantis a.k.a. Jimmy Comet, the owner of Comet Pizza which happens to be John Podesta’s favorite pizza place. James’ Instagram account once yielded a plethora of undeniably sick and strange posts and pictures. Once these images & posts began making the rounds on the internet, he made his account private and/or removed the images. But nothing is ever completely gone from the internet is it? Here is some art that leaves no room for doubt that these are sick and twisted human beings who prey upon innocent children.



Then I looked at several of the art pieces he was so excited about by David Wojnarowicz and found more images that turned my stomach. The following is a slideshow and then the last one with the voodoo doll is stand alone under the slideshow. It’s huge and in doing a deep dive on it, I uncovered a ton of hidden symbolism that was bizarre. The entire painting is bizarre but given what I’ve uncovered in my research I believe the tiny details are purposeful. The symbolism that these people use to communicate to each other is subtle in many cases but often “in your face” because they get a sick thrill by openly flouting their evil lifestyles, beliefs and practices.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Part 2 coming soon.


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