“What Was He Wearing?” The Societal Rape of Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann – Part 1

Note: I wrote this a little over a year ago and then put it aside. I’ve been compiling information for blog posts and am not someone trying to “get the news out there” but instead, to comment upon events…sometimes much later after they occur to see what lessons were learned along the way.

Yes, I purposely chose an attention grabbing title. Why? Well, this has been reverberating in my head for days…what was he wearing?”

It reminds me of the standard line: “What was she wearing?” regarding rape victims.

The correlation between wearing a red MAGA hat and a “provocatively dressed” rape victim has been something my brain will not let go of.

Rape (n.)

  • The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
  • The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.
  • Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.

Rape does not mean only sexual abuse…rape is about power and control. What has been done to Nick Sandmann is about power too…and it’s been a form of public rape by people interested in controlling a narrative that says half of America is racist, xenophobic and overall horrid human beings.

He has been extremely, publicly violated for wearing a red hat and standing his ground with a look that has been characterized by the viewers’ own belief systems — his expression and state of mind “discerned” by those who were neither there…nor privy to his thoughts!magahat_03

It was a rush to judgment as ugly as judgment heaped upon a woman who has been told if she hadn’t “dressed like a slut”, she wouldn’t have gotten raped. For the record, I’m a woman and I’ve been raped so I’m not going to sugar coat anything.

Rape isn’t just about being sexually assaulted and it’s not always about sex. It’s about one human being imposing their will upon another in a forceful, violent and dehumanizing manner. It’s soul wrenching and many rape victims have an extremely hard time healing emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Based upon the various articles, stories and videos I’ve looked at, the initial interaction with the Vietnam era Native American veteran Nathan Phillips was instigated solely by Phillips based on his assumptions about the group of high school students…and perhaps his own activist mindset and anger.

In fact, when viewing the video made by the REAL instigators in this brouhaha, the Black Hebrew Israelites, I noticed that the many of the students had stopped their school chants (which they said was to drown out the epithets being hurled at them) and were actually crouched down in a non-aggressive posture when Nathan’s group approached them. (Go to 1:12 in video linked above…I started it 10 minutes before to give you an idea of what was being said that led up to the incident that made the news…fair warning, ugly language & lots of swearing.) Make no mistake, some of the boys were taunting them but by and large, they were mostly silent and incredulous.


In fact, I actually believe the Covington kids initially thought Nathan’s group was there to help them drown out the racial slurs & hate speech of the Black Hebrew Israelites…right up until one angry man in Nathan’s group told the students that they were white and should go back to Europe because America isn’t their land (see final video in part 2 of this article.)


Phillips has been interviewed many times, has presented himself as a victim, has made contradictory statements (some patently false) and has changed his story several times. He has made similar claims in the past of being racially harassed by students. He denied on national television that he ever said he served in Vietnam…a complete lie. In fact, he is on tape where he relishes talking about beating up the boyfriend of a “blond, blue-eyed hippie girl” who “spit on him and called him a baby killer” after returning from ‘Nam.

In the final analysis, I believe Nathan Phillips has been shown to be the initial aggressor and a liar…including stolen valor lies regarding his service in the military. Turns out, he was the type of service member who went AWOL…more than once.

His initiation of the incident is clearly shown in several videos released subsequent to the first, highly edited viral video that caused such a huge public outcry. The final video at the end of part 2 of this article shows a much broader perspective (video compiled and released by the lawyers who are working on a large libel suit stemming from the incident.)

Yes, the kids yelled back a bit, yes they did school chants…which are probably 75 years old & include moves that are now supposedly “proof” of racism “the tomahawk chop.” I’m sorry if people are offended by it now but once upon a time, people didn’t live in such fragile, emotionally charged “safe space bubbles.”

They’re teens, they were showing school spirit and tried to use the chant to overcome the ugly, hateful and truly racist speech of the Black Hebrew Israelites. I’m pretty sure the students were excited and pumped up about being in Washington D.C. (and having been a part of a large pro-life rally.) I went with my son’s youth group in 2000 to a huge Christian rally and most of the kids were so excited they stayed up all night. They were young teens filled with excitement and there was no calming them down.

Let’s be honest. In the #MeToo era being a boisterous, energetic teen boy is now seen as being aggressive & sexist. Liberal “3rd wave” feminists now openly call for the destruction of men…especially if they’re white. A digression but definitely part of the story & part of the vitrol heaped on Nathan Sandmann…he was automatically at fault because he is a white male.

Let’s examine the mix of events and rallies held in Washington D.C. that day. There was  a Pro-Life rally held at the same time as an Indigenous People’s rally. Nathan Phillips was there for the Indigenous People’s rally, the Covington Catholic High School boys were there for the Pro-Life rally.

Mix in the group of 5 men who are now being called “a radical sect” of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement known for aggressive street preaching. This group was denounced 10 YEARS ago by the Southern Poverty Law Center in their magazine, “Intelligence Report,” in an article where the SPLC calls the Black Hebrew Israelites a racist group that is “becoming more militant.”


The men harassed attendees of BOTH registered events by hurling insults, racial slurs, and cruel taunts as the full video shows. “They called us ‘racists,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘white crackers,’ ‘faggots’ and ‘incest kids.’ They also taunted an African-American student from my school by telling him that we would ‘harvest his organs.’ I have no idea what that insult means, but it was startling to hear,” Sandmann wrote.


Phillips claims he was in fear for a small group of black man who were surrounded by a large group of young, white men. He claims he thought they were going to attack the smaller group. Not sure why, the Covington students were far from them…there were other people around them but the kids were NOT surrounding them.

But rather than 1) assess the situation, 2) stop and ask the Black Israelite group if the group of boys were threatening them, 3) ask the boys themselves, or 4) seek out the police (which would be logical if you fear a riot is about to break out), Phillips decided to go up to them and start loudly pounding a drum, first walking along the line of young men and then finally stopping in front of Nick Sandmann.

Not particularly smart if you really think it’s a crowd of violent young men about to riot…one could argue he was putting himself in grave danger, yes? He’s lucky the kids weren’t violent…lucky there weren’t like Antifa mobs such as the ones shown in this LA Times photo:


When I saw the look on Nick Sandmann’s face, I didn’t think smirk, I thought “frozen, nervously smiling while enduring aggressive behavior.” I don’t know about you but if you had someone pounding a drum in your face, less than a foot away, you might freeze too. Consider the emotional development of a teenager, and consider how some young people are taught to respect their elders.

What do you do when an elder is acting like Nathan Phillips did? How do you respond as a young man, raised with strong morals and values, when you’re accosted by an adult stranger? One who bypassed others and chose to stand in front of you and pound a drum in your face?


Well, maybe not all of you but I’m willing to bet most females and young people would freeze or run. Many men would fight, push back or yell…which would have led to an Antifa style mob riot! (And we see that in the final video at the bottom of the 2nd part of this article…the men, and at least one woman, were ready to fight the ugly speech of the instigators of this entire sordid mess…the Hebrew Israelites.) But these students weren’t trying to fight, they were high on youthful energy…and in some, it looked to be youthful idiocy as well.

>> View part 2 of this article here.


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