“What Was He Wearing?” The Societal Rape of Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann – Part 2

Part 2 of 2 (1st part of article here.)

As a woman who has been accosted in public by someone who blew past my “personal space boundaries” and did/said things that made me freeze; things that made me so uncomfortable all I could do was stand still, grin nervously and look stricken while my mind raced to figure out what to do. That is the look I saw on Sandmann’s face…and that reaction was from the initial still photo…I had not seen any videos yet.

Now, I’m going to step outside my feminine mindset and attempt to step into an average teen boy’s response (I raised a son so know a little about it but no one can really know what it’s like to try to think like the opposite sex…but we can all recall being teenagers!)

All his friends were there so perhaps he had their reactions in the back of his mind. “Tough it out, act like a man” may have been one thing going through his mind. “Whoa, this old man is IN my face and that drum is loud! What am I supposed to do?” may have been another thought. Pure conjecture on my part but based on basic societal roles, expectations and more digging into the situation, I’m going to put these possible thoughts out there.

Which leads me to the societal rape part.

What the left, progressives and mainstream media did to this kid was a violation of him as a human being. Not only did they condemn him…without knowing facts…they called him a liar, said he caused the problem due to his expression, said he and his friends were an angry mob and accused him of being abusive and disrespectful. When he was interviewed by Today’s Savannah Guthrie, he was treated harsher than the softball interview she gave to Nathan Phillips.


The mainstream media was brutal to Nick Sandmann and treated him like a criminal…and they have now been sued because they refused to retract their statements; CNN has settled a $275 million dollar lawsuit and more are still pending.  (This story is being posted a year after I wrote it…I don’t report news, I write commentary on issues and sometimes, it takes awhile for the fullness of the issue to play out.)

But what won’t leave my head is this additional fact: many people said that what he was wearing meant “he asked for it.” That he deserved what he got because he had on a red MAGA hat.

Abusers and rapists always blame the victims. “She was dressed like a slut…she was asking for it” or “Why do you always make me hit you? You know when you get that look on your face I’m going to get mad. Why do you get that look then? You want me to punch you? It’s all your fault.”

One media “star” said Nick Sandmann had a “punchable face.” Well, there is no such thing…except in the eyes of an abuser. They decide that the LOOK on someone else’s face invites violence…because they are abusers and always looking for an excuse to hurt, control, demean and humiliate those they’ve deemed unworthy, weak and controllable.

Normal people don’t go there. They don’t blame the victims. They don’t, as mature, healthy adults, go up to a stranger and start banging a drum in their face — be it a literal drum or a drum of insults — or use their fists on the perceived “offenders” face.

That thousands upon thousands of adults in America thought it was okay to verbally abuse a teenager, to trash him on social media without knowing the facts, is a sad  commentary on a certain segment of society…an increasingly loud, aggressive and violent segment of society. But not only that segment…the boy’s own SCHOOL administrators turned on them before they knew the whole story!


The black “Hebrew Israelite” group was first verbally attacking members of the Indigenous People rally that was taking place at the same time as the Pro-Life rally. Then they turned their attention to white teenagers. Racism and hatred in the name of religion…yippie skippy. How progressive…yes indeed, just look how far we’ve “progressed” as a society.

But let’s examine this growing level of hatred and verbal attacks in light of recent statements made by important people in society…people who should know better due to their high positions. They are held to a higher standard for very good reasons. We don’t expect Hollywood actors, musicians or sports stars to act like mature, thoughtful adults in public most of the time. But we do expect those who represent law and justice, or those who are looked up to as “news anchors”, to act soberly and responsibly in public…they control law, order and public information and opinion. It’s reasonable for them to be held to a higher standard.

In 2018, we saw Maxine Waters, a Congress member (which should be serious role models for citizens) call for harassment of Trump cabinet members because she loathes President Trump; indeed she’s been calling for his impeachment since he got in office. She told her followers to harass them, stalk them and push up on them. Shortly thereafter, we started seeing physical assaults on Trump supporters…including the actual shooting of another congressman.

We have a former Attorney General, Eric Holder, who said: “When they go low, we kick them” which was greeted with cheers, clapping and chants of “fight, fight, fight.” Again, the idea of kicking people was his perception of how to treat others who don’t agree with his political viewpoint and ideology.

Kick them. Stalk them. Harrass them. Scream at them.

Hurt them.

After all, look what they’re wearing.

Red MAGA hats. That means they’re racist, homophobic, xenophic and hateful people so it’s okay to beat them up…or worse.

What was she wearing? Did she ask to be raped? If she didn’t dress like a tramp, it wouldn’t have happened to her.

Rape victims have heard this. Is it true? A certain segment of society has always maintained if a woman dressed in revealing clothing, or showed too much skin, she was obviously asking for it.

Well, by those standards, all these women were definitely asking to get raped, right?


Of course not. The fact that a portion of society finds it perfectly acceptable to stand naked in public to protest a political position leaves a huge percentage of American’s scratching their heads. But I didn’t hear anyone saying it would be okay to bust into that photo shoot and start raping them!

Calls to mock, attack and hurt those on the other side of the political fence than you’re on is appalling.

Blaming one’s own bad behavior on what someone else is wearing is ridiculous.

So are adults who attack young people…just as much as we get angry when we see young people attacking an elderly person…or a much younger child.

Some things are socially unacceptable in civilized society.

Attacking another person for what they’re wearing is ridiculous…whether it’s a hat or a woman who enjoys looking attractive.

It’s NOT acceptable…and these are things we all SHOULD have learned in kindergarten!

It’s time for some people to go back to school and check their bias and self-righteousness at the door while they re-learn common courtesy and the glue of kindness and acceptance of those who are different. Civility, tolerance and acceptance holds societies together.

This video shows who was civil and who was not…

I write this in the hopes of helping others see that WE are all responsible for what we choose in our own lives; how we act, how we treat others and the ways in which we disagree with those who think differently.

There are those who believe a civil war is coming because America is so divided. I say: No! WE the people have the choice to stop it…to change, to be better human beings, to choose to love our neighbors…or at least try to get along with them EVEN IF they believe in things we personally loathe.

Hate is never the answer, and divisions will always exist but civility and grace cover a multitude of disagreements, flaws and human sins.

We can all choose to be uniters not dividers. And we must if America is to survive as a country where freedom of speech, thought, action and deed is a right…not an option. Socialism/Communism always puts the power in the hands of a few and takes away the rights of many. It is the most anti-social form of societal oppression to appear on the world stage…leavings millions of dead in it’s wake; millions who spoke out against things like the societal rape of those who are deemed weaker…children, women, the disabled and the poor.

America can do better than this…and WE are America.

In this case, Nick Sandmann won against those who slandered him and the media got a huge, well deserved black eye. For me, it’s time to start fighting back against those who believe it’s okay to mentally, spiritually and physically rape other human beings because they feel entitled to treat others any damn way they want to treat them.

Rape is never, ever acceptable…in any form.

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