I cannot help myself, I’m simply wired to be an activist and an advocate.  There are things in this world that get me so fired up that I HAVE to talk — or write — about whatever it is that has me all twisted into a knot.  I have a collection of soapboxes and I whip them out and stand upon them regularly.


I have one of those overactive brains.  You know, the kind that remembers details from 30 years ago…but sometimes doesn’t remember yesterday or the big picture. Sometimes I get the big picture completely…but then get bogged down in details or memories. But there are some things that my brain will not leave alone — think of a tongue that won’t stay out of the empty socket where a tooth once was.

My brain repeatedly returns to certain subjects:  human trafficking, the horrors of child sex trafficking and pedophilia, social injustice, poverty, the environment, animal cruelty, the reality of being poisoned via food, air and water, corrupt government officials, secret groups of power mad, evil humans bent on ruling the world, hurting human beings, the weight of our planet suffocating from toxic waste, the weight of people suffocating from toxic lives, etc.  I find a wide variety of things frustrating, fascinating and/or worthy of my attention; I am a fan of learning, teaching, and sharing.


I’ve been told there is a difference between an advocate and an activist so here is my understanding of the slightly different terms (I consider myself both…the roles shift around depending upon what I’m doing.) I believe some are driven by faith, some by basic human love & compassion but some are driven by fear and frustration.

An advocate works alongside those in need and helps with specific needs whether it’s a place to live, legal help, financial support, giving rides, providing food, babysitting, or just meeting emotional needs.

An activist is a communicator, sometimes in productive ways but sometimes also in destructive ways. We’re seeing activists on the rise in todays world…activists that find violence and the suppression of other people’s free speech to be useful tools.

I’m NOT that kind of activist and firmly believe if you cause riots and attack people you need your ass thrown in jail.

But since I’m a fan of doing whatever I can, in small ways or large, to help make this world a better place, I will ignore those people and keep moving forward.

Activism works…it just often works at a snail’s pace. My motto?





Thought this meme appropriate…