I’m more of a writer than author because I’m not officially “published.” And I’m not driven enough to publish though I draw closer all the time. But I am a writer because I was born to express myself via the written word…no publishing necessary to claim that title!  As an aside, I used to have the words Author, Advocate, Abolitionist in my logo because I like alliteration. If there were a word for abolitionist that started with “W” I could say:  Writer, Warrior, and W-word-for-abolitionist. But there isn’t.

But then I decided, to change it up anyway to Woman, Warrior, Wordsmith. It seems more appropriate now because I have a desire these days to fight more than just human trafficking. I’m watching my country get overrun by lunatics and so I’m fighting a battle with words on that front too.

I’m watching 2 Timothy 3:1-4 play out in the world where evil is being called good and millions of people have lost their ever-lovin’ minds in America.


So warrior is more fitting now than “abolitionist” although that front has exploded as well with the increasing stories of pedophiles in Hollywood, in the Catholic church and stories from around the world about ritual satanic abuse (which the FBI said didn’t exist back in the ’80s…but now I’m seeing corruption in the FBI plus their own archives tell a different story.)

Would I put ritual abuse of humans, especially innocent children, past satan worshipers? Nope. Is there a battle going on between good and evil; between Jesus and the devil? Yup. Are we closer every day to the end of the “end time”? I think so.


I wrote the following as the intro of the first blog I started in an effort to put all my writing in one place. When I changed out to a second writing blog (that I never did anything with due to the sporadic nature of my writing), I decided perhaps this intro was too “out there.”

However, I’ve since decided it’s okay to be myself (now that I’m putting my third writing blog online with my chosen nom de plume.) Yes indeed, I am “out there” due to the fact that I’m one of those people on the planet who doesn’t quite “fit” into any one category and I view the world through a kaleidoscope.

My mind zigs and zags like a lightning bolt and I talk and compute information very fast; some people love me..and others can’t stand me. The best thing about getting older is that you learn not to care because…well, I’ll use Popeye’s famous phrase here: “I yam who I yam.” Smile.

Original “About Me” writing from 2009 below:

She said, “Hey babe, take a walk in the wild mind…”

I shoulda left the standard line in the header…”Just Another WordPress Blog” but I like “Missives from the Mental Ward of Life” better.  It fits.

Welcome to my warped mind. Yes, the title is a play on words from the song “Walk on the Wild Side” by Lou Reed (for those of you who caught that similarity.) Click below to play song if you like it. The other one that fits (below) is “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals.  Just the band’s name alone makes me smile. Starting to get the picture?  And yes, for those of you who wonder, insanity IS communicable.

In this day and age, we now all get to have what Andy Warhol predicted years ago…our ten minutes of fame.  But with the advent of the internet, we now get to have it for 10 years (or more.)  So I’m adding yet another WordPress blog to the millions in existence and I’ll be pretty darn thrilled if I ever get comments (let alone famous.)


But I don’t write to gain fame, friends, notoriety or even to ‘have my say.’ The fact of the matter is this:  If I don’t write, people want to strangle the ever-livin’ crap outta me ‘cuz I can’t shut up.

About 15,000 words run through my head every day and if they are not released, I’m pretty sure my head will one day explode.

So writing helps me: 1) not get killed, and 2) not make a mess on the wall with my gray matter.

Yes, it is my sincere opinion that being alive is a good thing. This was not always the case for me and I like to tell people I’m living proof Jesus Saves! I will forever be working on the Jesus changes part…

I read a study stating 88% of people actually think they are more wonderful than they really are.  They view themselves as smarter, better looking, thinner, more successful and richer.  (Richer? Scratching my head here…how do you fool yourself about your own bank account?)

I think that is why blogging and sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are so popular…we love to know what our friends are doing but…come on, be honest now…is that really it?

Or is it that 88% of us think we really are that fascinating and the boring minutiae of our lives MUST be shared with the whole world?  MUST we look at pictures of the Scooby snack you had for breakfast or 7,000 selfies?

Uh, yeah.  Did I even have to ask?

Welcome to my 10 minutes of fame viewed through my 88% wonderful lens on life. You will have a close encounter with a warped mind; one that views the world with a sense of humor that could most likely be labeled “certifiably insane.”

I wonder what the other 12% of people think about themselves? Do they think they are stupider (is that even a word?), uglier, heavier, more of a failure and poorer than they really are?

Probably.  But they most likely only feel that way 88% of the time.