Creative Writing

I write because I’m a writer; I’m a writer because I write.  I’m not really an author per se because I’ve never cared much about publishing. Perhaps one day I will strive mightily to become a published author, perhaps not. I’ve come close but it’s not a need that burns so hotly within me that I cannot rest at night if I don’t ever publish “officially.”

I am a writer at heart; I DO have a burning need to put pen to paper (or more accurately for many years now, fingers to keyboard) and comment on life.  My life, other people’s lives, life in general, events in my country and around the world, what happens in my backyard, what I wish would happen, what I’m alarmed about or…you get the idea.

It is my aim to expand knowledge, touch hearts, engage minds, showcase causes and do my part, in small ways and large, to help nurture, protect, beautify and change our world.  I hope you enjoy this little rest stop by the side of the road you’ve found on your journey through life!


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