Faith & Politics

I’m very political with an independent mindset. On some issues, I’m strongly conservative but some of my views would most likely get me labeled a liberal. But that label would be wrong since I loathe those who support progressive, socialist politics and see nothing good about the direction they are trying to take this country.

Not all capitalism is good, not all social justice warriors are bad…I started using the term social justice regarding human slavery (long before it was used and twisted by progressives.) Progressives consider social justice warriors to be those who carry out violent assaults with anyone they disagree with. They ascribe the term to terrorist groups such as Antifa and equate their anarchy equal to the work our legal military.


As a Christ follower, I care about hurting people, animal abuse, and a planet struggling under the weight of toxic human practices. As an American, I strongly support the conservative agenda regarding religious freedom, the rule of law, and adhering to the Constitution. The founders of this nation knew about abuse of power, the ability of the rich to dominate the poor (while holding themselves above the law.) They also knew the reality of the fickleness of human beings and changing societal conventions. They set this nation on a foundation that covered these realities and it has stood the test of time.

I also believe that one day, the man made world system all comes to an end; one that will not be pleasant and it’s an end that is closer everyday.  I’ve read the Bible all the way to the end…God wins and faithless, rebellious and evil humans do not. On the following posts, you will find my “kaleidoscope view” writings on the subject of faith and politics (The politics page is still under construction…posts coming soon.)