Writing as a Christ Follower

I write from a perspective of my faith in, and walk with, Jesus Christ. I got saved in two phases and God the Father came in 1981 before Jesus Christ filled me in 1987; both were miraculous events that left me zero doubt that 1) God is love and yearns to have a relationship with His creation, and 2) Jesus is the Son of God. Because of the way God and Jesus made themselves known to me, I don’t ascribe to doctrine, denominations, organized “religiousity”, limitations or the “accepted view” because I know God can do, and regularly does, absolutely anything He wants to!

I view everything that happens to me, in my circle of life, in my country, and on this planet , through the lens of a Christian worldview. That includes human origins, worth and dignity, current and past events, and morality and faith. Each human’s view is unique, each walk is ultimately upon one’s own, individual path and there are many ways people view faith. I’m here to share mine, period. Yours is your own and while I firmly believe that God gave His ONLY son as an atoning sacrifice for human sin, and as Jesus himself stated, He is the only way to the Father, I do not disdain or mock other people’s faith walks.

However, I don’t agree with much of what is presented to me from other faiths based on a massive amount of personal experiences, dreams, visions and over 30 years of studying the Bible and researching. I hereby cheerfully agree to disagree as I present my own walk through my writings. If you’re offended, take it before whatever system you have to deal with emotions like offense. Blessings upon you as you poke around! 🙂

Blog Posts

Emotional response to “Spiritual senses” & flash-quick vision dreams I had in June of 2018. I believe we have been seeing signs of the times for years…things heated up in 2018 (I wrote about the experiences and the uncomfortable sense of “bad stuff” happening in the world today, uncomfortable feelings of dread and “is this God?”) – Earthquakes & Fires in 2018


More coming soon!