Music Videos by Various Artists

I love music, period. Life without music would be an unending, jarring cacophony of the noise and sound of modern life slamming against our minds and souls. Even nature sings; birdsong in the morning, a chorus of frogs in the night and creatures such as wolves, night birds and owls that sing to the night and the moon.

When I need peace in my soul, I turn to music. When I need my spirit uplifted, I turn to music. I use music to express my moods be it joy or love or sorrow or anger. I even use music when cleaning to motivate me…dancing with a broom is more fun than just drudging through chores!

Angelina Jordona is a rare supernova human being; a once in a lifetime kind of talent. She started singing at 18 mos after seeing some YouTube videos…and was drawn to jazz, 1940’s torch singers and big voices like Billie Holiday and Whitney Houston. To listen to an adult voice come of out a young child’s body is a bit disconcerting but her parents have been careful not to push her in any musical direction and allowed her to remain a child; they kept her image innocent and beautiful with zero sexuality in her dress or performances.

In all these videos in the auto-playlist below she is from ages 7-12 (she won Norway’s Got Talent at age 7 singing “Gloomy Sunday” by Billie Holiday.) She was 13 when she performed on America’s Got Talent in 2020. As one of her millions of fans, it will be a joy to watch her grow and develop her rare talent. (She’s now writing her own music as well so there’s also that to look forward to.) The song in the playlist above “What is Life” was written by her. She’s also a writer and her reason for performing barefoot became a book about an encounter she had with a homeless girl with no shoes. In this dark world, lights like Angelina help me stay hopeful for future generations.

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