Social Issues & The Environment

America is struggling under the weight of societal and environmental issues and changes in ways we’ve never experienced before. Indeed, we’re seeing it in many developed countries throughout the world. The problem I have is that in doing a lot of research leads me to believe these changes are both man-made, deliberate and in some ways, psychologically induced. And I don’t mean a natural progression of humans living in a technological age either.

We’ve all heard the conspiracy theories for years. Unfortunately, I no longer believe some of them are conspiracies but truth that has been uncovered, often to the detriment of the people who uncover the truth. There are an alarming number of bodies that have littered the path to the truth; bodies left by people determined to change the world…regardless of how many they hurt or who gets in their way.

The world is now struggling under an awful, toxic attack. We’re seeing activities such as ocean toxicity and purposeful soil poisoning, all done in the name of profit…but is that the only reason or is there something more sinister under the surface?

Toxic chemical usage has led to severely compromised food products…and we’ve all watched an alarming rise in both ancient (supposedly eradicated) diseases and new diseases; even some diseases that the sufferers were told were all in their head. Diseases such as fibromyalgia and chemical sensitivities.

Add in the rocketing rise in ADD, Alzheimers and Autism and you can’t help but notice something is very wrong. I won’t even address the vaccine debate here; the subject is fraught with controversy and it’s personal for those on both sides of the issue.

Then there is the increase in “pandemics” (which, ironically enough, seem to appear every election cycle…and disappear quickly…only to have a new one the next cycle.) Then we learn that there are people who PATENT viruses and profit off of the “cures” and vaccines.

Additionally, we’ve got those who’ve been talking about chemtrails and called tin-foil hat lunatics…but it turns out the United Nations is now openly talking about the need to spray chemicals to block out the sun to “stop global warming.” We’re seeing an alarming change in the weather patterns and intensity of wildfires and storms worldwide.

Well, now the truth has come out and those who believe they got the upper hand are no longer hiding their agenda(s)…and there is no doubt that the agenda involves controlling forces in countries around the world to make a profit from these efforts. So much comes down to TWO issues: control and money.

On the social issues side, there is a battle going on regarding alternative lifestyles, alternative ways to view marriage and a push to do away with gender identity. None of those are, by themselves, dangerous or wrong. People feel the way they feel, whether it’s due to biology or emotions; humans are feeling creatures. One basic, deep need we all share is to feel loved and accepted for who we are.

What IS alarming is the push to 1) bring these lifestyles to children far too young to have sex education thrust upon them, and 2) forced acceptance of these issues…to the point of people losing jobs, businesses and even actual freedom by being put in jail for not using the “preferred gender identity” or standing by their faith. How about forcing women prisoners to live with biological males…even convicted rapists? Don’t prisoners have basic human rights too?

Societies throughout the world have agreed upon some pretty basic societal and biological truths…scientifically proven facts such as a nuclear family is the best model in which to to raise children…study after study has born this societal norm out. The seat of civilization for thousands of years has started with the home as the basis of community and then outward into larger society as a whole.

Throughout recorded human history another widely accepted fact has been that there are only two genders, male and female or mother and father when talking of nuclear family. There have always been the rare occurrences of incomplete formation, or genetic mutations, so that some individuals are born with aspects of both genders…the name these individuals for many years was hermaphrodites. Now it’s called transgenderism and is used based on how the person feels (whether the person has completed a sex change or not.) This has led to problems such as biological males dominating in women’s sports and serious injuries to female players.

Now people are pushing this agenda on children too young to make such life altering decisions that require lifelong drugs and therapy to maintain. We have young children being exposed to role models that many, many citizens disagree with; role models we’re discovering sometimes have sordid histories of molestation and predatory behavior. And taxpayers are forced to cover the cost of what is usually referred to as “grooming” via taxation for local libraries and schools. This has angered a lot of of us…and we’re told we’ve got some kind of phobia for disagreeing (and there are now as many ways to label someone “phobic” as there are genders…)

There are great divides today between what most will call the left and the right, the progressives and the conservatives…and it’s not just in the United States. Some, including myself, would call this a battle between good and evil, dark and light and it is not only just a societal battle but a spiritual one as well. As a Christ follower, I view the world through the lens of faith. But I’m neither blinded by it, accept all “Christian doctrine” as good or true nor do I hate those who don’t agree with me.

Humans are complex creatures. Just because I know the science says there are only two genders, I have great compassion for those who struggle with their gender identity. But that doesn’t mean that 2-4% of ANY population has the right to change the other 98% because of their own struggles! I don’t try to shove my faith down anyone’s throat and I will never accept anyone else’s belief systems or lifestyles shoved down mine.

I believe humanity has reached a tipping point and we either continue to allow tyrannical megalomaniacs to seek total dominance, and let political divides fester into actual wars, OR we learn, grow and seek to BE the change in our sphere of influence. If we don’t we’re doomed as a species. I’m not going to talk about the End Times here but if the Bible, and specifically the Book of Revelation are true, things are going to get very ugly for humanity.

NONE of that can happen without grace…from within ourselves and from God. If we do not choose to unite as human beings, we will face a future that is bleak indeed. I will tell my truth here on my own blog but that doesn’t mean I find your truth any less valuable. We may not agree but we MUST stop the hate and division…especially because so much of the ills in society are being helped along by powerful, demonic beings.

It is from that viewpoint and belief that I write various blog posts about these thorny issues facing the world today. I welcome dialogue and debate…in a thoughtful and open minded manner. Feel free to contact me or leave comments on the blog posts (I screen them all first but will answer as time allows.)