The Environment

I’m from the stunningly beautiful Pacific Northwest. I grew up playing outside, enjoying nature, wandering through ancient rain forests, and swimming in rivers, lakes and the ocean. I learned about flowers and trees and wild creatures. I was taught not to litter or pollute this beautiful planet.

But I saw awful pollution at the same time. Factories dumping toxic waste into the water. Smog slowly encroaching upon the clean air as the years went by. Garbage thrown wherever, more every year as the population increased…and the concept of respect lessened. Not only respect for nature but for each other as well.

I grew up hearing a new Ice Age was coming. Feared nuclear holocaust and acid rain. Then that changed and the new “it” environmental issue became global warming. Now it’s just called climate change…and make no mistake, it IS an agenda.

I no longer believe a lot of what I’ve learned nor in the climate change agenda…but I do, however, see a lot of wrongs in the environment today (and not just in the United States but worldwide.)

I believe in stewarding this beautiful planet in a responsible way. I believe in protecting wild species. But I also believe there is an agenda by some that is partly truth, partly fiction and a lot of guesswork…with a HUGE amount of greed and control lurking behind it all.

I will strive to bring some truth to some issues as well as some common sense ideas I learned as a child. I’ll start with the easy one: don’t throw trash on the ground, out the window or in the water!

I will link to various blog posts as I write (which is, as I’ve mentioned in other places on this blog, a sporadic activity for me!) My brain is always processing information and sometimes the writing flows and sometimes it stays in my head as I ponder and formulate the way to write about any given subject.

I AM currently writing about these subjects on a different blog (I have 4 because I write for different audiences) so will soon be posting a lot of info. The environmental toxicity earth is struggling under is NOT by accident…and it is NOT acceptable!